The Best DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

The Best DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween isn’t all about the candy—the costumes are half the fun! But if you’re tired of the same old costumes everyone else is wearing (and the price tags), try making your own DIY Halloween costumes for the kids this year. Making your own costumes can be fun, frugal, and, best of all, really easy. Seriously! Many of these don’t require any sewing at all. If you can use scissors and a glue gun, you can make many of these. 

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DIY Halloween Costumes kids will love

You’ll have a creative, fun costume that is sure to be the star of the show as you go trick-or-treating or to your Halloween parties.

Bubble Bath Costume from Giggles Galore:

Make a squeaky clean costume with this fun bubble bath idea! White clothes underneath white and light pink (or blue balloons) are topped off with a little rubber ducky. You won’t find anyone else in this costume! You may want to take a few extra balloons with you, though, in case of any accidental pops while trick-or-treating.

Inflatable Tube People Costume from Morena’s Corner:

You won’t be able to stop laughing at this fun costume. It’s sure to get lots of smiles as you walk and dance about. Best of all, it’s a totally no-sew project! You’ll simply use a hot glue gun to put everything in place.

Fortnite Bush Costume from Make Life Lovely:

Kids who are into Fortnite will go crazy for this Bush costume! And it’s super easy to make, too, using chicken wire and fake leaves and greenery.

DIY Thor Costume from The Things We’ll Make:

Become one of the strongest Avengers! Thor of Asgard is a crowd favorite, and it’s easier than you think to make your own homemade Thor costume out of felt and craft foam, as well as a few other materials.

Garfield Costume from Adventures of Mel:

Celebrate Halloween as your favorite orange cat. This costume requires minimal sewing and is totally doable for a beginner using the instructions. The lasagna pan treat bucket made us giggle!

Bumble Bee Costume from Paint Yourself a Smile:

This bee costume is buzz-worthy! The oversized sunglasses look like insect eyes, so they help pull the outfit together.

Cat in the Hat Costume from Morena’s Corner:

Cat in the Hat is one of the most popular and whimsical of the Dr. Seuss characters. If your child loves all things Seussian, try this costume. It’s another fun no-sew option—all the pieces of fabric, faux fur, etc. are glued together.

Tick Tock Croc from Dazzle While Frazzled:

Peter Pan fans, this Tick-Tock Croc costume made with a romper and felt sheets is so adorable for your toddlers. While you can sew the pieces together if you have a sewing machine, don’t fret if you don’t. Fabric glue will work just fine.

No-Sew Baby Hedwig Costume from Make Life Lovely:

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or you just love snowy owls, this costume is perfect for your baby. Although it looks professionally made, it’s completely no-sew, and if you have a Cricut Maker machine, it’s even easier since it will do all the cutting for you.

Ballerina Jewelry Box Costume from See Vanessa Craft:

Any little girl who dreams of being a ballerina will be giddy to wear this clever costume. Using a ballerina outfit and a decorated box, it looks like the tiny ballerina musical box you used to have as a kid.

DIY Octopus Costume from Giggle Galore:

You won’t likely find another child dressed as an octopus for Halloween. What a creative idea! There’s no sewing involved at all. The octopus’s arms are made with tights stuffed with cotton batting. Isn’t that genius?

Scarecrow Tutu Costume from Kaleidoscope Living:

This costume is such a cute idea for your little girls. The burlap hats and the tutus in gorgeous fall colors come together to make a super sweet costume that’ll get lots of ooohs and ahhhhs during your Halloween adventures.

Boy Scarecrow Costume from Where the Smiles Have Been:

If you’re looking for a cute scarecrow idea for a boy, this costume idea is a real winner. We just love the straw coming out of the pockets and the patchwork fabric on the legs. Too adorable!

Olaf Costume from Desert Chica:

Turn a white hoodie into a super easy Olaf costume with felt, pipe cleaners, and a little creativity. The carrot nose on a stick is a brilliant idea for kids who don’t like having accessories on their faces.

Bat Costume from 5 Minutes for Mom:

If you’re looking for a comfortable costume for kids and adults alike, this bat costume is it! The no-sew ears are made with felt and a headband. The wings are made from jersey fabric, so you don’t even need to worry about hemming the wings; they won’t fray.

Paint Brush and Palette Costume from Dukes and Duchesses:

Channel your inner artist with a paintbrush and palette costume. The palette is made with foam board, so it’s super lightweight, and the bristles on the paintbrush hat are made from cheap Dollar Store brooms. Smart, right?

Cardboard Dinosaur Costume from Hello, Wonderful:

Turn boxes into a cool dino costume! We love how frugal this project is. Just save the boxes from your packages (or buy a few boxes—they’re really affordable), and get to work with your paint and a glue gun.

No-Sew Prince Charming Costume from Desert Chica:

Make this costume for your handsome little prince. Can you believe it’s a no-sew costume? It looks so well put together, especially all the gold details.

Cow Costume from See Vanessa Craft:

Moooove over, folks, a cow is coming through! This is such a simple idea that’s doable for any parent, even if you’re typically not the crafty type. If you can use scissors and a glue gun, you can make this costume.

Giraffe Baby Halloween Costume from Shrimp Salad Circus:

What’s cuter than a baby giraffe? How about a baby in a giraffe costume! A little fabric paint and some cardstock are all you need to transform an ordinary sleeper and bonnet into a tiny giraffe costume for baby.

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