Arctic Animals Stoat Craft For Kids

Whether you’re teaching your child about Arctic animals or are just introducing him to different beings of the animal world, here’s the perfect activity to do that! Get him started on this Arctic animals stoat craft activity that’s super easy and so much fun too!

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What Is A Stoat?

A stoat is basically a small mammal, which closely resembles a weasel. They have a pointed face, small ears and very tiny eyes.

5 Arctic Stoat Facts

Ready to get your kiddo to try out this Arctic animals stoat craft activity? Take it up a notch by teaming it up with these interesting facts.

  • The fur on a stoat’s body can have different colours, depending on the region the stoat belongs to. Arctic stoats usually have a white coat.
  • Male stoats are usually much bigger in size than female stoats.
  • Stoats are nocturnal creatures, which means they are more active during the dawn and dusk.
  • When scared, stoats can emit a bad smelling fluid from their body to keep away predators.
  • Stoats have a very good sense of smell.

Supplies Needed For This Arctic Stoat Paper Craft

Ready to get started on this fun craft activity? Here’s what you’ll need.

supplies for making ocean crafts with preschool kids

How To Create This Arctic Stoat Project

Getting started with this stoat craft project is easy. Download and print out the free printable I’ve attached towards the end.

Cut out the individual elements of the stoat and lay them out as you can see in the picture.

Arctic Animals Stoat Craft

Get your little one to use a glue stick and stick together the pieces that make up the stoat.

And that’s it!

You can also get your kiddo to paint a watercolour background to go along with it.

Tips For Painting A Watercolor Canvas

Let him stick to simple colours and colour combinations as you can see here.

Arctic Animals Stoat Craft

And of course, here’s the quick link to download the free printable.

Download Your Free Stoat Craft Template Here

Arctic Animals Stoat Craft

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