Ways Teachers Can Teach Students About Fire Safety

In next year’s curriculum, think about implementing lessons on fire safety. This topic is essential because it helps students establish a better understanding of safety and what to do in case of an emergency. While teaching, introduce this concept through different activities. Here’s an overview of the ways teachers can teach students about fire safety.

Ways Teachers Can Teach Students About Fire Safety


Go Through Escape Route Drills

Learning about fire safety introduces children to ideas like escape routes. The routes you’d use in the classroom should include suggestions that keep everyone calm and safe during evacuation. Let students know that the first sign of fire is generally smoke, but if they don’t see any or are too far away, an alarm will sound. Usually, this is called a fire alarm or smoke detector.

While laying out notes on building an escape route plan, have students walk around the school building and point out areas with fire alarms and smoke detectors. These help them identify an alarm and find an exit safely. After building your plan, have everyone go through drills and remind students to leave their belongings behind.

Learn About Fire Safety Through Books

Books open a student’s mind to more than imagination—they teach important life lessons and skills. Books can help kids learn how to stay alert, how to prevent fires, and how to protect themselves should an emergency arise.

By reading fire safety books to kids, children learn how to stay safe. Every day of the week, dedicate time to reading about different things like the equipment firefighters use, how to stay safe outside, and how to build a safety plan with their families.

Host a Fire Safety Assembly

It’s always fun hosting assemblies, especially when putting on themed weeks during the school year, like fire safety. During the fire-safety week, consider bringing in local firefighters to discuss the different fire equipment they use daily.

This can be a good time to teach kids why firefighters wear protective equipment. Incorporating props like helmets, jackets, and boots can be a fun exercise to demonstrate the importance of fire safety.

Explore Different Activities

Practicing fire safety drills is essential. However, children learn best through activities, so instilling something like “stop, drop, and roll” engages students more and helps them understand better through interactivity. Keep students involved through other games, like obstacle courses and firehouse bingo.

Students learn different things every day, but it’s essential to introduce topics like fire safety to them early on. That way, they’ll have the skills they need to get through times when they experience a fire. These helpful ways will prepare every teacher to teach their students about fire safety.

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