Outdoor Adventures Your Toddlers Will Love This Winter

Outdoor Adventures Your Toddlers Will Love This Winter

As the seasons change, the weather can impact all your outdoor family fun ideas. Just because winter weather is appearing and taking away the summer’s warmth doesn’t mean you can’t still play outdoors with your family. Continue reading to learn more about outdoor adventures your toddlers will love this winter.

Go Ice Skating

Going to an outdoor ice-skating rink will be a fun experience for parents and their children! At first, it may be challenging for your toddler to hop up on skates and glide across the ice, but your local rink will have ice skates and rails available to assist your toddlers as they learn to skate.

Take a Trip to the Zoo

Many animals at the zoo are active during the wintertime. Your toddlers will love to see the animals roam around. You might even see a penguin parade!

Make a Bird Feeder

You can try something new this winter by making a pinecone bird feeder with your children! First, place a piece of string around the pinecone. Then, cover the pinecone in peanut butter and birdseed. Hang your new bird feeder outside so your children can watch the birds flock to the backyard.

Birds will love this pinecone dressed in peanut butter and bird seeds. They’ll need extra food in the winter because the ground is cold, and it can be hard for them to find food.

Making arts and crafts with your children is the perfect way for them to express their creativity. Creating a bird feeder is one great example of encouraging your children to flex their creative muscles and learn more about nature.

Have a Winter Picnic

Grab some of your favorite snacks, bring a basket and a blanket, and head out to your favorite outdoor spot! Your children will love playing and eating some of their favorite foods outside.

Build a Snowman

The best part about the winter is the snow! There are many snowy outdoor adventures your toddlers will love this winter.

You can make some incredible items out of snow. The most common item is a snowman, but why stop there? You can build a fort, a maze, or even an obstacle course. You’ll have fun building these items and playing in the intricate designs you created together.

View the Christmas Lights

With the beginning of winter comes the lovely, heartwarming Christmas season. Take your toddlers to a dazzling outdoor Christmas lights event. You can stroll along while admiring the displays, drinking hot cocoa, and creating a beautiful holiday memory.

No matter the outdoor activity, remember to keep your kids warm this winter with base layers, a jacket, and a pair of gloves. It’s essential to have the right clothing to keep your toddlers protected from the frosty weather and keep them comfortable outside. Engaging in outdoor activities with your children will keep them active and create lifelong memories to cherish.

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