Best Smart Home Devices for Room Renters

Smart home technology has become the new staple in every living situation, whether you own or rent a living space. It promotes energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. So, if you are looking for a room for rent, you might as well ensure that you use fully operational smart home devices. However, you might think, why not rent a smart home instead? A fully operational smart home might not make your pockets happy as it comes with high rental costs. Thus, the most practical solution to enjoy the convenience of a smart home without paying high rental costs is to invest in some smart home devices. 

If that sounds too pricey, here’s the deal. You can purchase a few smart home devices that suit your needs and are easy to install and uninstall. This way, you can take the smart home devices back when you leave the place when your lease ends. Before you install smart home devices, be sure you’re clear on your landlord’s policies. Include it in the landlord inquiry checklist to avoid any potential conflicts. Data reveals that 62% of Gen Z renters feel that smart home tech is important when deciding where to live. It illustrates a clear picture of the importance that smart home devices have and tend to hold in the future. Thus, here are a few smart home devices that would prove useful for you as a room renter.

Smart Home Devices for Room Renters

Smart Locks

The smart locks have transformed the security scenario for renters. Especially if you are someone who is living alone, having a smart lock has become a must. These smart devices are potent enough to replace traditional locks and offer enhanced security. Thus, with the cutting-edge technology now available at your fingertips, you can access the convenience of keyless security. 

With features like remote access control and temporary passcodes, renters can easily manage who can have an entry to their rental space. Also, you can connect these devices to your smartphones and voice assistants, enabling you to lock and unlock them remotely. Certain smart locks have upgraded technology that uses facial and fingerprint recognition. Thus, these devices help you stay connected with your rental space wherever you go. 

Smart Security Cameras 

With advanced surveillance capabilities, these smart security cameras help you monitor your rental property from anywhere in the world. They are equipped with features, including motion detection, night vision, and two-way communication! You can easily connect these cameras to your smartphones. 

Due to this, you can access information in real-time concerning the surroundings of your rental property. Also, you will be able to receive timely notifications on your phone in case of detection of any suspicious activity, leading to prompt actions. Another advantage is connecting the recorded footage to the cloud storage and watching it at your convenience. 

Smart Bulbs

Curate a positive and inviting environment with a well-lit space. Using smart bulbs to light up your rental property makes it look visually appealing and helps you save on utility bills. It makes these devices cost-efficient, plus they are energy efficient, too! Thus, you can use wireless smart LED bulbs to light up your living space. 

These bulbs integrate seamlessly with your smartphones and voice assistants so that you can change the brightness intensity and light color and set schedules to create a particular ambience. For instance, in the evenings, you can set the command for dim lighting, creating a relaxed atmosphere. So, imagine coming home to dim lights that soothe you after a tiring day.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are resourceful smart home devices that can transform any regular home appliance into a smart one. You must plug these devices into electric sockets, enabling your remote control. Further, connect these devices to your smartphones or voice assistants over the WiFi network, and you can start using them. 

The smart plugs are useful when you want to automate devices and set appliance schedules and timers. You can also monitor your energy consumption in real-time by connecting these devices to your smartphone via specific apps. Perfect for room renters, the smart plugs are one of the most highly used smart home devices that help you transform your rental property into a connected haven.

Smart Smoke Detectors

The safety and security of your room for rent isn’t restricted to entry and exit only. It also involves the safety of your interiors. Thus, you must have smart home devices that notify you of any internal unforeseen accidents, particularly fire accidents. 

If someone is away at work and the home interiors catch fire for any reason, the smart smoke detectors will notify the individual via notifications sent on their smartphones immediately. Usually, these devices are battery-powered and hence easy to install. Having these devices in place offers you peace of mind and helps you save valuable time in case of emergencies, enhancing your home security.

Smart Voice Assistants

If you are talking about smart home devices for renters, you certainly cannot miss out on smart voice assistants. These devices are designed to follow your voice commands and make routine tasks easier. You can use them to control home appliances, set reminders, etc. You can seamlessly integrate them with an application on your smartphone and operate them from anywhere. These devices use artificial intelligence and are continuously adapting to new information. Thus, they also grasp your appliance usage pattern. Easy to install and available at an affordable price, smart voice assistants are worth your investment.


If you are skeptical about investing in smart home devices for your room for rent, you must look at their innumerable benefits. Smart home devices ease your routine, helping you streamline your daily tasks. Also, these devices are apt for room renters due to their ease of installation with no worries about permanent installation. Renters can take these smart devices to their new rentals and make the most of their living situation. As these devices are the future of easy living, it would be smart on your part to start using them now. So, without further waiting, buy smart home devices for your rental property and use them conveniently with no strings attached!

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