Mrs Claus Paper Craft For Kids

Everyone puts up Christmas decorations featuring Santa Claus but how many people put up decorations featuring Mrs.Claus? This fun idea is sure to amuse children who may not be familiar with Mrs.Claus.

This activity won’t require much parental supervision even for toddlers except for the cutting portion. They’ll be able to handle the pasting and colouring portions by themselves. 

Since this outline features only two or three colours toddlers won’t have much difficulty colouring it in either. You could help them throughout this activity to make a sweet Christmas memory with them too. 

Read on for detailed instructions and steps on how you can complete this activity with your kids. The supplies you’ll need for this activity are easily-available too.


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Easy Paper Craft For Kids 

This Mrs.Claus craft set won’t take long to complete and your kids will enjoy it thoroughly. You’ll likely find them totally happy and engrossed in it giving you time to attend to your work or chores around the house. 

This cheery figure of Santa’s wife has a kindly face which your child will love bringing to life. You’ll likely love her too once your child is done with this activity. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to join in or print another copy to try it out for yourself!

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To make this Christmas Paper craft download the printable Mrs Claus template.

Next print out the template on the correct color card stock. You can print out on white only if you would like to add your own colors.

Once the paper template is cut out begin to assemble the Mrs Claus template and glue together to complete your craft.

Add your Mrs Claus paper craft to a Christmas display or make glue to the writing prompt and let your child write about Christmas cookies that Mrs Claus may bake.

mrs claus christmas writing prompt

If you love this fun Christmas craft then be sure to download and visit our other Christmas printables! You will love them!

santa and mrs claus paper craft

Download Your Mrs Claus Template Here!

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