Chick Chick Chicken Song And Chicken Craft Ideas

I loved singing in the Chick Chick Chicken song as a child and it’s a fun song to sing with the little ones. As easter approaches I wanted to share the lyrics of this Nursery Rhyme and some lesson or activity ideas to go along with this fun chicken song.

This is a great song to learn for Easter and would go along well with some fun preschool Easter crafts and activity ideas.

chick chick chicken song

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Chicken Craft Ideas For Kids

To go alongside this fun Chicken song, I am sharing some fantastic Chicken craft ideas. These are simple and fun enough to make with younger children but can also be fun activities for the older ones too.

Easter Chick Yarn Craft Idea

This is a fun and simple Easter Chick yarn craft. All you need are a few supplies and hey presto you have a super cute Chicken with googly eyes!

easter craft for kids

Chicken Handprint Art

Why not try making a handprint chicken. Kids love to get messy and hand painting is one sure way to have fun with the paints. Make handprint chicken for Easter or add it to a card as a fantastic Easter Card idea.

Chicken Rock Painting

Try this super cute Chicken Rock Painting Idea. Painting stones and rocks can be super fun and easy at any level. It’s a fun preschool activity and would make a lovely ornament or Easter gift to take home.

Chick Chick Chicken Song Lyrics

Here are the words to the chick chick chicken nursery rhyme. You could sing this song as you create your easter and chicken themed crafts. Alternatively teach the children this song during mat time or as you bake, or after reading a fun chicken story! This study from Lottie has some interesting analysis of how song lyrics have changed over time song lyrics     

Chick chick

chick chick chicken

lay a little egg for me

chick chick

chick chick chicken

I want one for my tea

I haven’t had an

egg since Easter

and now it’s half past three

so, chick chick

chick chick chicken

lay a little egg for me

chick chick chicken

Download The Chick Chick Chicken Song Here!

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